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Blog #5--Option Football

Top 3 Books

 Wishbone Book

Air Force found success with the wishbone in the '80s, including four consecutive victories over Notre Dame in the Gerry Faust years. "I promise you, (Air Force) could have lined up in a conventional offense and never made a yard," Oklahoma’s Barry Switzer says. "But they won eight or nine ballgames (a year) running the wishbone. You think they could have beaten Notre Dame running the I-formation? It took a scheme, an offense, something to neutralize the defensive talent because people have to be so disciplined. It takes the aggressiveness out of great athletes. Not just sic 'em. You don't go sic the wishbone."

Flexbone Book

 I had the chance to help them incorporate Emory Bellards Wishbone numbering system, triple option blocking concepts, and supplemental rule blocking into their offensive philosophies.  Listed below, are a 3 year accumulation of specific C.E. King Flexbone Statistics.

Flexbone Yearly Statistics at C.E. King High School: 2004-2006

2004--4323 Total Yards through 11 games=393 Avg./game and 34 points scored/game

2005—3492 Total Yards through 9 games (Hurricane Katrina)=388 Avg./game and 37 points scored/game

2006—3700 Total Yards through 10 games=370 Avg./game and 30  points scored/game

Practice Book

Coach Emory Bellard spent 47 years developing an efficient Option  Practice Routine that contains the Formula for Option Offensive Success.  This Practice Routine highlights the essentials necessary to be a successful Option Offensive football team.  Practice Routine has been used to not only coach the Wishbone but the Flexbone.

Written by Steve Gunther — April 11, 2012