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About Steve Gunther
Steve Gunther is a retired teacher and coach living in Dubuque, Iowa.  He coached football in Texas from 1985-2011. Coach Gunther was a football coach from 1968-2011, a total of 43 years.  He was a longtime head football coach in Iowa.  He also had coaching stints at Colorado State University, and Independence Community College, Independence, Kansas.  He finished his last 25 years coaching high school football in and around the Houston, Texas area.  Gunther played freshman football and studied at the University of Nebraska, he holds an Associate of Arts in Education degree from Trinidad State Junior College, Trinidad, Colorado, a Bachelor of Education degree from Wayne State College, Wayne, Nebraska and a Masters of Education degree from Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri formally Northeast Missouri State University. 

Nine books that have been published and written by Gunther Publishing they are:

1.  "How to Coach the Wishbone Football Offense, According to Emory Bellard"

2.  "How to Coach the Flexbone Football Offense"

3.  "How to Practice Option Offensive Football"

4.  "How to Coach an Option Multiple Formation Pistol Football Offense"

5.  "How to Coach the 34/50 Defense"

6.  "How to Practice and Game Plan the 34/50 Defense"

7.  "How to Coach the Option Quarterback"

8.  "How to Coach the Option Passing Game"

9.  "How to Coach the Option Running Game"

These Nine books will be distributed solely through the website Gunther Publishing at and not in book stores.  These books are self-published and were completed in 2012-17. 

I just received the two flexbone and wishbone books from steve gunther. They are about as well done as any I've read. Very detailed. The recognition is a bit lengthy but it is explain enough that you can eventually figure it out or / and adapt it to yours I give them 5 stars for novice and experienced coach by John Iannucci
Owner and Administrator
3 Back Option Football Forum
Bought them both, “How To Coach The Wishbone Football Offense, According To Emory Bellard” and “How To Coach The Flexbone Football Offense”, can’t recommend them enough. 
Coach Mathew Graham
Coach Gunther as they say in this great profession..."Is The Real Deal"!!! Had the distinct honor to work and learn from him at one of his stops in the Houston area (C.E. King).
Coach Mitch Gray
Houston, Texas

If you are looking for a tremendous resource, look for "How to Coach the Wishbone Football Offense" by Emory Bellard. Coach Gunther helped compile this information and it would be a marvelous addition to anyone's coaching library.
Excellent job on the book, Coach Gunther. All the best.
Coach Mike O'Donnell

Steve Gunther, whose books are listed on Option Society Forum . Very good, detailed and highly organized look at what Bellard did with the Option.

Charlie Wilson