Gunther Publishing

How To Coach The 34/50 Football Defense


Ten chapters are grouped into three general parts.  Part I encompasses Philosophy of Great Defensive Teams, Terminology of Team and Personnel, and Alignments and Assignments of Defensive Personnel.  Part II is the beginning of the Responsibilities of the 34/50 Defense personnel.  Each Defense is aligned according to Coverage: 34/50-C3 Roll, 34/50-C0 and 34/50-C1.  Also included are some variations, such as: Double Eagle, Eagle, Eagle Strong, Weak Eagle, and Eagle Strong Gap.   Other defenses; Stud, Bear, Nickel, Goal Line, #4, 61 and 4 Stack. Part III contains Alignment and Assignments of each defensive position.  Included is an individual breakdown of the Secondary, Outside Linebackers, Inside Linebackers and Defensive Tackles and Nose Guard. 

219 pages of instruction--Book #1 on 34/50 Defense