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"How to Coach the Flexbone Football Offense"

 Flexbone Football


I had the opportunity to coach at C.E. King High School, Houston, Texas, under Head Football Coach Mike Malkowski and Offensive Coordinator John Calicutt.  I had the chance to help them incorporate Emory Bellards Wishbone numbering system, triple option blocking concepts, and supplemental rule blocking into their offensive philosophies.  Listed below, are a 3 year accumulation of specific C.E. King Flexbone Statistics by plays.

Flexbone Offensive Statistics over a 3 year period at C.E. King High School:  2004-2006

Triple Option (14-15)---------564 Attempts-3964 Yards=7.03 Avg. Yards/Carry

Midline (10-11)----------------322 Attempts-2160 Yards=6.71 Avg. Yards/Carry

Trap (60-61)---------------------51 Attempts-379 Yards=7.43 Avg. Yards/Carry

Tackle Trap (76-77)------------72 Attempts-620 Yards=8.61 Avg. Yards/Carry

Speed Option (58-59 @ 1)----116 Attempts-751 Yards=6.47 Avg. Yards/Carry

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