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How to Coach the Option Passing Game

This Edition of the Option Passing Game came from Bellard's Wishbone book, the Flexbone book and additions from Arkansas Passing Game.

The "How to Coach the Option Passing Game" would have been immeasurably and surely less successful without the guidance of football men who had achieved national record success-respectively Emory Bellard of Texas, Texas A&M and Mississippi State, Ken Hatfield of Arkansas, Clemson and Rice University, Dave Lee of Arkansas and Rice University.  These men and their staffs did far more to help than could be expected; and we hope this book is prepared in a spirit of sharing which approaches theirs.

Most of the structure had been transformed from these three option books;  "How to Coach the Wishbone Football Offense, According to Emory Bellard", "How to Coach the Flexbone Football Offense" and "How to Coach the Option Quarterback"

This book contains 340 pages