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How to Coach the Option Quarterback

The book "How to Coach the Option Quarterback" would have been immeasurably difficult and surely less successful without the guidance of football men who had achieved national record success-respectively Emory Bellard of Texas, Texas A&M and Mississippi State, Paul Johnson of Georgia Southern, Naval Academy and Georgia Tech, Fisher DeBarry of Air Force Academy, Ken Hatfield of Air Force Academy, Arkansas, Clemson and Rice University, Barry Switzer of Oklahoma and Pepper Rogers and Homer Smith of UCLA.  These men and their staffs did far more to help than could be expected; and we hope that this book is prepared in a spirit of sharing which approaches theirs.

Quarterback Manual's by Mike White of the University of California, Sark Arslanian of Colorado State, David Lee of the University of Arkansas and John Iannucci Owner and Administrator of 3 Back Option Forum provided guidance and structure.  Most of the structure had been transformed from these three option books; "How to Coach the Wishbone Football Offense, According to Emory Bellard", "How to Coach the Flexbone Football Offense" and "How to Practice Option Football".

 222 pages of instructions