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"How to Coach the Wishbone Football Offense, According to Emory Bellard"


Emory Bellard will be remembered as the man who created the Wishbone.  As a member of Darrell Royal's Texas Longhorn coaching staff in 1968, Bellard developed the triple-option offense that utilized three running backs lined up in an inverted "U" formation behind the quarterback.  A year later, when Texas won the national championship on the way to 30 straight wins, Bellard's offense changed the look of college football and brought a huge number of high school teams along for the ride.

I was really compelled to write this book for a number of reasons.  First, a lot of people believe that the Wishbone is obsolete or that it is one dimensional.  Coach Bellard would never allow that to happen, he continued to develop new and improved dimensions to the offense.  Secondly, when I went to work for him, I thought I knew everything about the Wishbone offense.  I had coached a version of the Wishbone used at the University of Kansas when Bud Moore was Head Football Coach.  Coach Moore was a former Alabama, assistant head coach for Coach Bear Bryant.  Alabama at that time was running the Wishbone.  Later, I was involved in coaching the Flexbone of Air Force and Arkansas, utilized by Fisher DeBarry and Ken Hatfield.  I also had purchased a book years ago titled "Installing Football’s Wishbone T Attack", by Pepper Rogers and Homer Smith of UCLA.  This book is considered by many to be the “Wishbone Bible”.  Lastly, After sitting through the first meeting of Coach Bellard's, I realized that I didn't know anything about the Wishbone offense he was running.  It was so much different!  He later explained to me, those things I knew about the Wishbone were things he had done a long time ago and he was constantly developing new and improved ideas. 

280 pages of instruction